Month: November 2016

5 Stunning Pools to Inspire You

In a country as hot and humid as ours, swimming pools are a national institution. It’s easy for us to think of our pools and the spaces around them as purely functional. Here are five different beautifully designed pools from around the world to inspire your outdoor aquatic space. 1. Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas What… Read more »

Oh No! Algae Bloom! Dealing With Green Pool Water

Last Updated: November 8 2016 Algae Blooms – they happen to all pool owners at some point. One day you go to bed with a sparkling oasis and wake up to a fetid swamp. If this is the first time you’ve experienced an algae bloom you may have many questions on your mind such as… Read more »

10 Christmas Gifts For Pool Owners

Last Updated: November 7 2016 Pools are a versatile space. You share them with friends and family, use them for exercise and relaxation and they’re a great feature for your backyard. There are a number of great accessories that are available to pool owners. If you’re stumped for Christmas gifts and have a pool owning… Read more »