Automatic Pool Cleaners

Keeping Your Pool Clean With An Automated Cleaner

At JMC Poolcare, we stock automatic pool cleaners to keep all types of swimming pools free of dirt, algae and other debris.

The Right Cleaner For You

There are three types of automatic cleaner, each one operating differently and thus suitable for different pools.

Suction Cleaners

Suction Cleaners utilise your pool’s filtration system to vacuum dirt from the bottom of your pool. They are the cheapest automatic cleaning option and easy to install and use. Suction cleaners move water through your filtration system a lot faster and are also able to clean pool walls and suck up fine debris. However, they consume a lot of energy and inhibit your filtration system’s ability to suck up floating debris.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure Cleaners use the pressurised water pumping back into your pool to suck up debris (often needing a separate pump to reduce strain on your pool pump). They are extremely efficient at removing floating debris (leaves, insects etc.) A pressure cleaner does not clean pool walls or filter fine particles very well.

Robotic Cleaners

New generation Robotic Cleaners are powered by rechargeable batteries and are extremely energy efficient. They are able to ‘memorise’ your pool and more efficiently clean it, scrubbing the floor, walls and tile line and even skimming the surface. A robotic cleaner houses a filter or basket that needs to be emptied frequently. JMC Poolcare provides free demonstrations and advice to help you choose the automatic cleaner that is best for you and your pool

Brands we supply include:

Hayward Pool Vac
Kreepy Krauly
Maytronics / Dolphin robotic cleaners

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