Pool Heating and Covers

Keep Your Pool Warm With Swimming Pool Covers & Solar Blankets

JMC Poolcare has a large selection of pool covers and heating solutions for your pool. Whether you would like a warm comfortable temperature or to reduce evaporation – we have you covered!

Swimming Pool Covers And Solar Blankets

Swimming pool covers are your basic defence against evaporation, they also keep any dirt or leaves out of your pool when you’re not using it. A solar blanket also prevents evaporation and keeps your pool clean, but with the added bonus of using the heat of the sun to warm your pool. We supply solar blankets, rollers and mesh covers for the protection of your pool!

Swimming Pool Heating

Swimming pool heaters are an excellent addition to any pool. They extend the swimming season – by keeping your pool warmer for longer – and they also keep it at a constant, comfortable temperature. Our experienced pool technicians are able to service and repair your pool heating pump or gas heater – call us today! JMC only stocks the best brands including: Astral Pool, Viron and Raypak.

Pool Heating Types

Heat Pumps

Much like a reverse-cycle air conditioner, a swimming pool heat pump works to regulate the pool’s temperature by extracting heat from the air and using special technology to heat the water. JMC Pool Care has a solid understanding of all proudcts in the Autopool Aquatight range. Heat pumps in general are extremely energy efficient and don’t compromise for heating performance. Get in touch with JMC Pool Care today to see how we can help heat your pool!

Gas Heating

Swimming pool gas heaters are the most efficient way to warm up your pool. Gas heating works by circulating the pool’s water through a filter and then a heater (coincidentally powered by gas). Generally speaking, a gas heater works between 24 and 72 hours to heat a swimming pool by 11°C. JMC Pool Care relies on high performance, energy efficient technologies such as those from Hayward. Talk to us today to find out what type of heating solution is best for your pool.

Solar Heating

Solar heating options come with numerous benefits. Besides saving the planet, you'll be cutting costs where it counts. By using energy from the sun, solar heating works by pumping filtered pool water through the solar collector in order to transfer heat collected by the panels. Solar heating generally requires very low maintenance, are incredibly reliable, require no in-ground plumbing and can be hooked up to pre-existing pool pumps. What's not to love about that? We have extensive experience with heaters from various manufacturers, including Evo Heat. Give us a call today to find out more.

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