Swimming Pool Stain Removal

Perth Swimming Pool Stain Removal

Seeing stains and discolouration on the surface of your swimming pool can be irritating. To resolve this issue, the stains must first be correctly identified, and then the appropriate treatment applied.

There are many ways you can end up with stains in your swimming pool. Generally, there are two categories of pool stains. Stains caused by organic material, and stains caused by metals present in the water.

Organic pool stains are caused by organic material, such as leaves and algae, that fall in to your pool and decay. The best way to avoid these stains is to make sure to keep your pool clean and free of leaves.

Metal pool stains, such as copper stains or iron stains, are caused by an excess of these metals in your pool water. This can be caused by the corrosion of copper pipes, or high iron content in the water level. It can also be caused by a high Ph level eroding copper elements of your pool, such as a heating element or pipe fittings. Metal objects that have fallen in to the pool can also cause pool rust stains.

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