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JMC Poolcare provides both sales and installation of a wide range of swimming pool equipment. We source only the best brands and use the latest technology to keep your pool balanced and sparkling clean. Our experienced pool technicians will come to you to maintain, fix or replace your pump, filter or chlorinator. In the meantime, here are some tips to keep your pool equipment healthy and longer-lasting.


There are two major symptoms of a pump requiring maintenance. One is a slow leak from the bottom centre of the pump – called the mechanical seal. The other is noisy operation or screeching when turned on. Ensuring your pump is not running dry and your filters are clean will increase your pump’s lifespan. On average a pool pump will need replacing every 8 – 12 years.


Media Filters (Sand, Zeolite and Glass)

A media filter is a superb choice for long-term pool maintenance. The media used inside your filter needs to be replaced every 4-7 years to maintain a safe, hygienic pool.

Cartridge Filters

A cartridge filter is easy to maintain yourself. Cartridges need to be soaked in a compatible cleaner every 3-6 months to remove fine dust and particles and body oils. A cartridge filter should have a lifespan of 2-3 years, however if your filter pressure is not any lower after a good cleaning, you should replace it immediately.

Chlorinators – Salt Water And Chemigem

Salt water chlorinators require minimal maintenance as self cleaning cell’s have become more affordable. Standard salt chlorinators (non self cleaning) usually require cleaning on a 1-2 month basis. This involves removal of the cell from the housing, a 1 part hydrochloric acid to 10 parts water mix or an approved cell cleaner till the calcium build up is dissolved. If the cell is building up and requiring more frequent cleaning, this can be due to poor water balance. Low chlorine production can be an indication the cell requires replacement.

Chemigem takes the guess work out of maintaining your pool and spa, automatically. Using a probe the Chemigem is constantly measuring the chlorine and PH levels keeping them precise, only adding liquid chlorine or acid as required. This method avoids over chlorination (so you don’t come out stinking of excessive chlorine) while keeping the water quality comfortable to swim in and looking amazing.

Some of our major pool equipment suppliers include:

Austral | Astral Pool | Davey | Emaux | Hayward | Hurlcon | Onga | Pool Controls | Poolrite | Spa Electrics | Waterco | Zodiac

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