Green Pool Water Recovery

Green Swimming Pool Treatment In Perth

There’s nothing nice about green water in your swimming pool. A green swimming pool is not only unattractive, it can also be a health hazard. Here at JMC Poolcare, we are equipped to deal with your green pool water – no matter the cause.

Algae Blooms

Algae in pool water can bloom and spread extremely quickly, turning a pristine pool into a murky, green swamp. Leading causes of algae blooms are:

Chemically imbalanced water (e.g. not enough chlorine) Poor pool water circulation High water temperature Irregular pool cleaning (pools should be vacuumed and brush cleaned every week) If left unchecked, algae has the potential to harbour harmful bacteria such as E. coli.

Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy pool water can vary in severity – from a little bit cloudy, to completely murky. If your pool water is particularly cloudy and you can”t see the bottom of your pool, that generally means there is a lot of suspended particles in the pool water. In order to prevent cloudy or green pool water, make sure that your pool waters pH level is suitably balanced. Typically this should be between 7.2 and 7.6 on the pH scale. If you”re having trouble treating your cloudy pool, feel free to contact us. At JMC Poolcare, we can treat your murky pool water in no time at all.


Tree pollen particles float in the water of your pool and accumulate on the floor and walls – this can turn your pool a yellowish green hue. Pollen is often too fine for your filtration system to remove and needs to be removed manually.

Metals In The Water

Have you recently shocked your pool and found the water has turned bright green? The high level of chemicals in your pool shocking solution can interact with the metal parts of your pool equipment, turning your water a clear bright green. Not sure what is causing your green pool? Bring us a sample of your pool water or contact us for a call out!


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