Concrete Pool Renovations, Tiling & Plastering​

Beautify Your Backyard

If you thought your concrete pool is just for swimming in, you thought wrong. An attractively designed, well-maintained, sparkling, swimming pool can be the beautiful centrepiece of your outdoor area.

If your concrete pool is beginning to show its age it could be time to speak to the team at JMC Pool Care about how they can help you restore its beauty and get the best out of your pool.

Whether it’s relining the entire pool surface, giving it a colour boost or making it sparkle, JMC have the expertise to assist. Maybe you can add or update your existing waterline tiles or upgrade the faded skimmer box and pool filtration system.

It might enhance your pool area by adding a tiled wall or waterfall as an eye-catching feature and provide a focal point for your pool area.

Concrete Pool Repairs and Resurfacing

Is your concrete pool tired? Does it look damaged or are cracks appearing? It’s time to speak to JMC Pool Care about renovating your pool. We are your go-to contact when it comes to pool plastering in Perth.

Just through age, wear, exposure to sun and chemicals, the waterproof skin in your concrete pool can start to deteriorate. Left unchecked, small leaks and minor cracks will worsen, and the disintegration of your concrete will become further evident.

JMC Pool Care is your trusted expert to renovate or restore your pool. In cooperation with our trusted suppliers, Rainbow Quartz & Duraquartz we ensure the highest quality.

Adding or Replacing Concrete Pool Tiles

A great advantage with a concrete pool is that you have the ability to customise and enhance it so that it complements your outdoor space. A line of tiles circling the top of your pool, around the water line, can be very attractive, making your pool more inviting and beautifying your backyard.

We can renovate your concrete pool to add tiles, or replace existing ones. We can add tiled features or construct feature walls to fulfil your requirements. Feel free to make any inquiries regarding pool tiling in Perth.

We’ll use only the best quality tiles which are made specifically for aquatic applications. Durable and hard wearing, we’ll utilise ceramics with hard glazed coatings resistant to chlorine and engineered for life in the water. Our tiles comply with Australian standards, are stain proof, don’t absorb dirt and are UV resistant.

Our tiling will only be affixed using the finest adhesives and products engineered to withstand being subjected to relentless sun and water.

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The cost of your concrete pool renovations can differ significantly depending on the circumstances. A straightforward job updating and refreshing your pool without much structural modification might actually cost less than you expect. A major rebuild, on the other hand might cost tens of thousands.

It is worth considering the value of your pool renovations as opposed to just the costs. Your pool enhancements can last for decades and add significant value to your home.

Talk to us at JMC Pool Care to discuss your requirements. We can help you determine how to get the best out of your pool and assist you get the best value for money out of your renovation. Regardless of how big or small your plans or budgets, JMC Pool Care can assist you.

Below you can view some of our recent projects. Simply hover each photo to see the before and after effect of pool plastering and tiling:

Before After
Before After

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