Swimming Pool Stains

In this blog post we will be talking about different stains you can find in your pool and a couple of methods to remove them. It is important that you know exactly what kind of stains are in your pool in order to treat them properly.

Organic Stains

Organic stains are caused by leaves, algae, berries or dead animals that have fallen into your pool, sank to the bottom and begun to decay. Often the stain will be in the shape of the organic matter that caused it, for example in the shape of a leaf. Berries may leave bright red and blue stains, where leaves and dead animals leave brown and green stains.
How do I remove organic stains?
Removing organic stains from your pool is fairly straightforward. Super-chlorinating your pool and using a soft brush will easily dissolve the stain. Pouring chlorine shock directly onto the stain and brushing it will also lift it.
They say that prevention is better than a cure – remove any organic matter from your pool straight away to prevent it from sinking and staining your pool.

Copper Stains

Stains that appear as a mixture of blue, green and black are often copper stains caused by the corrosion of copper and brass pipes. Having the incorrect pH levels in your pool can erode any copper elements – such as the ones in a pool heater – and leave ugly stains on your pool surface.

Iron and Manganese Stains

Iron stains typically look like rust stains – a mixture of red, brown and green – and can appear under pool fittings such as the bolts on your pool ladder. Once again incorrect pH and alkalinity can have an effect on your pool fittings and cause them to erode, as well as iron and manganese being present in the well water.

How do I remove metal stains?

There are a number of ways that you can remove metal stains from your pool. Most metal stains are reactive to ascorbic acid which is present in citrus fruits. Applying crushed vitamin C tablets to a stain can be an effect way to remove or lighten metal stains.
You can also purchase many metal stain removing products that you can leave in your filter or sprinkle in your pool.

A rule of thumb is to test or have tested your pool water to be absolutely sure what types of metals are present in it and what you can do to balance them.

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